How should newcomers buy watches?

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(Summary description)Every man should have a good watch! Since it is a good watch, we must be careful when buying. Old watch friends may already know how to buy a watch, today we will focus on introducing new friends!

How should newcomers buy watches?

(Summary description)Every man should have a good watch! Since it is a good watch, we must be careful when buying. Old watch friends may already know how to buy a watch, today we will focus on introducing new friends!

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Every man should have a good watch! Since it is a good watch, we must be careful when buying. Old watch friends may already know how to buy a watch, today we will focus on introducing new friends!
1. Pros and cons: Quartz, mechanically difficult to distinguish
In general, mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watches, but this does not mean that mechanical watches must perform better than quartz watches.
The main difference between a quartz watch and a mechanical watch is which energy source is used to drive the movement of the watch movement. Mechanical watches have a spiral. When people wind the watch, the spiral is tightened at the same time. When the helix is ​​released, it starts to drive the movement of the watch. Quartz watches use a battery as an energy source. The battery outputs power to the electronic block and motor in the watch. Every second the electronic block will output a pulse wave to the motor, which will push the hands to run.
Therefore, in terms of timing, quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical watches. Due to the inconsistent speed of spiral movement of mechanical watches, the accuracy of timing will also decline, and its accuracy will also be affected by factors such as temperature, location, and component wear. Therefore, it is normal for a mechanical watch to have an error of 15 to 30 seconds a day, and the smallest error is 4 to 5 seconds. But quartz watches are different. Quartz crystals can provide the most stable pulse waves, so they can guarantee the highest accuracy. Under normal circumstances, the monthly error of a quartz watch is between 15 and 25 seconds, and the smallest error is only 5 seconds a year.
The reason why mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watches is that mechanical watches need to be adjusted manually and accurately during the manufacturing process, and quartz watches are generally assembled on automatic production lines.
In addition, it is generally believed that the operating life of mechanical watches is longer than that of quartz watches. But the fact may not be true, because all the moving parts and mechanical watches in quartz watches are the same. Although the life of electronic components has not been completely tested, it may have the same life. Therefore, consumers can trust that a good quartz watch can provide the same long service life as a mechanical watch.
Alas, quartz watches and mechanical watches also have their own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantages of quartz watches are high timing accuracy, easy to wear, and easy to make very thin, small, and stylish. The mechanical watch movement is more technical, but the thickness of the case is generally larger. If you have a convenient map and high timing accuracy, you should choose a quartz watch. If it is a very small and thin quartz watch, you have to consider whether it is convenient to replace the battery, because the smaller and thinner the battery, the more expensive it is.
2, picking materials: the case varies from person to person
The materials of watch cases are K gold, gold-plated, titanium, stainless steel, semi-steel chrome-plated, and alloy cases. The K gold case is only used by high-end brand-name watches, and its price is generally more than tens of thousands of yuan; while semi-steel (only the back of the watch is stainless steel) chrome-plated watches are low-grade watches, the case is easily corroded. The gold-plated case is more beautiful, but it is easy to wear off without a certain gold-plated thickness (including the strap). If you want to choose a gold-plated watch, the thickness of the coating is preferably more than 10 microns. Titanium-plated watches are more sturdy and wear-resistant, but the colors are not so good. More popular now are the two-tone case straps (gold or gold-plated and stainless steel), which are more beautiful and durable. Gold-plated watches are more expensive than all-steel watches. Watches with leather straps are much cheaper than watches with the same steel strap.
People who like sweating or sports, outdoor workers, and people who have been exposed to chemical acids and alkalis for a long time (such as medical workers) should wear a stainless steel case. Mercury-containing chemicals are extremely damaging to K gold and gold plating, and can discolor gold. The copper-plated crown head, case, and back of the watchband are easily corroded by sweat, causing the plating to fall off. Steel watch with hollow core and solid core, hollow core strap with light weight belongs to low-grade watches, solid core strap is more durable.
钉 The piercing and buckle between the strap sections are the most prone to problems when wearing a watch. Be sure to check it carefully when buying a watch. Some clasps open and close for long periods of time, such as "butterfly" clasps, and ** straps are easily broken. These should also be considered before buying a watch.
3. Listen to the sound player table?
As the saying goes, "listen to the watch, listen to the gongs and drums." In the early years, experienced watch repair masters would always stick the watch to their ears, shake their heads and change their posture, and listen to the changes in the sound of the watch to figure out whether the watch is moving or not. This is all experience and work. A well-trained watchmaker can hear the oscillation frequency of the balance of the watch, and can even hear whether it is a "rough horse watch".
The simplest to understand the essence of listening to a watch is actually to listen to the changes in the sound of the watch when it changes position. With a faulty or damaged part of the watch, the sound will change significantly as the position changes. Some will change periodically, and the sound will be louder and quieter for a while. Because of this, listening to a watch can only detect whether the watch is faulty, and it cannot completely represent the quality of the watch.
But for the average person, listening to a watch requires experience, and it is best to make comparisons, that is, to listen more and practice more. The sound of watches with different structure sizes is not the same. Generally speaking, men's watches are louder, while women's watches are much smaller. As for the position of the watch, it is necessary to choose a common position when wearing it-that is, a plane, and the plane includes "the dial surface and the dial surface". In addition, there are three façade positions: under the crown, to the left of the crown, and to the upper of the crown, a total of five positions.
4. Maintenance: carefully consider
The service life of a watch is related to whether the wearer uses and maintains the watch correctly. For example, wearing a bath to take a bath, the appearance of the watch is dirty, the length of the strap is uncomfortable, and the use environment is bad, etc., which can easily cause damage to the watch and shorten its service life.
Middle and high-end watches should be correspondingly maintained every two to three years. Replace the waterproof components, check the travel time performance and movement power consumption, clean the movement and maintain the appearance. Such maintenance services will effectively extend the watch's life.
Of course, the more expensive the watch is, the higher the maintenance cost. For example, the washing oil price of ROLEX watches is generally above 2,000 yuan. There are also fragile appearance parts such as straps and glass. If the case is shaped, it may not be easy to match it later. Therefore, when buying a watch, you must also consider the after-sales service of the watch and the supply of accessories. Generally speaking, the use of large-scale movements such as ETA movement watches and big brand watches are not a big problem.

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