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LASIKA brand introduction

Established in 1999 (Lascar Electronics Factory), the LASIKA brand was renamed as Shishi Wenhao Electronic Plastic Co., Ltd. in 2006. The company is located in a beautiful coastal city - Shishi is a collection development, production and sales of electronic watches, multi-function. Waterproof watch, double display, quartz watch and other trendy styles of professional manufacturers, the company created over the past 20 years, with high-quality corporate talent and advanced production equipment, skilled technology and high-quality products, in the same industry , Has been at the leading level, has been unanimously recognized by customers, has a strong ability to compete in the market, the products are exported to various cities and regions at home and abroad.



LASIKA brand positioning

LASIKA's design inspiration stems from the constant pursuit of the product's personality characteristics and stylish appearance. With a unique design vision, it breaks through the design concept of the watch and grasps the direction of the fashion trend.



LASIKA brand concept

LASIKA has introduced 1-2 new models every month to meet the different needs of the market through its continuous innovative business philosophy. We believe that the development and opportunities in the market, we need to do is to meet all the needs of customers, in the increasingly competitive market, "weak meat, the fittest to survive!" We strengthen quality management, people-oriented, continuous innovation for Wenhao Electronic Plastic Co., Ltd. Long-term development lays a solid foundation.


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